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Job Description

Content Manager / Communications Manager


    Job Purpose: To plan and manage ILA’s Internal and External Communication for all business units (including ILO), ensure delivering images, message, video, branding as CEO and BOMs’ planned.

    Job Description:
    1. Build Communication strategy for the whole function based on business strategy including: master plan, brand awareness, campaign...
    2. Build yearly plan of Communication / Content Department, include:
    + Key activities
    + Operational budget
    + Headcount plan
    + Develop yearly plan of Communication/ Content Department including plans, budget, operating expenses
    3. In charge of external communication in all platform: digital, offline, press, online… from planning to execute.
    + Concept creating, mood & tone, brand guiding, revise products
    + Manage workload, project. Finalize product, concept creating.
    + Manage content sector(s) writing
    + Content writing
    + Video production
    + Coordinate and follow project, campaign, budget control.
    4. Support HO, centers… for content creating upon request
    5. Engage with national-wide press to powering ILA brand through activities: press conference, press
    + Planning and chair the meeting/ conference
    + Connect with press/ media
    + Coordinate and follow project, campaign, budget control.
    6. Build& improve the processes of Communication / Content Department. Collaborate with other departments for
    +Build processes or Communication/ Content department and way of working with others.
    + Coordinate with other departments to gather enquiries and deliver products.
    7. Manage, train and develop, engage employees to optimize human resources.
    Manage, engage and develop employees to achieve objectives of the department and optimize human resources.


    Education: Bachelor Degree, Graduated from PR/ Communication field is a plus
    Experience: 4 years in management level
    Soft skills:
    + Team management
    + Human developing
    + Leadership
    + Time Management
    + Planning Skills
    Languages: Fluent Vietnamese and English

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