Job Description

Customer Experience Executive


    • Be up-to-date with product knowledge of ILA courses, basic methodology, systems (Moodle, ILA connect, ILA accounts, reminder, attendance, gradebook/test score, Student handbook, etc.), etc.

    • Be up-to-date with ILA customer’s views of competitor and emergent trends in the market.

    • Assigning customer list to CE officers for daily calls.

    • Data gathering, synthesis and analysis of customer calls, staff survey, or ad-hoc surveys.

    • Identifying trends & supporting evidence through quantitative (customer numbers) or qualitative (VOC) evidence.

    • Preparing monthly / quarterly / yearly report for relevant departments.

    • Maintaining database of historical data, mining or extracting new data as requested by other departments through the CES.

    • Supervising CE officer’s call quantity and quality.

    • Providing induction or follow-up training for CE officer’s or new managers.

    • Make market research calls as back up for staff, facilitate in customer focus groups, or customer-facing research.

    • Any other reasonable task assigned by the CES.


    • reports ready by deadline

    • quality of reports


    Qualifications: Bachelor Degree - 2 years of experience in a service related role

    • Analytical skills

    • Communication skills

    • Attention to detail

    • Basic programming

    • Math skills

    • Descriptive statistics

    • Project Management

    • Industry Knowledge

    Language: Fluent English language

    Computer: Microsoft Office, particularly Excel and Powerpoint (or like presentation system)

    Other requirements: Ability to learn and keen to improve knowledge in the field of Customer Experience.

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