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Job Description

Data Engineer


    Job Purpose: This position will improve data reliability and quality. They combine raw information from different sources to create consistent and machine readable formats including data lakes, operational data stores, data marts, and metadata repositories.

    - Combine raw data from different sources
    - Build data systems and pipelines, ETL processes, dimensional data modelling.
    - Design and deliver accurate and performance business intelligence solutions.
    - Establish, implement, and maintain security, backup and data recovery policies, procedures and best practices and standards for cloud-based infrastructure.


    - Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information system, computer engineering, electrical engineering, system analysis or related field preferred.
    - Strong understanding of data warehousing models, structures, theories, principles and practices.
    - Strong familiarity with data preparation, processing, classification, and forecasting.
    - Knowledge and experience in development of data warehouse architectures.

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