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Job Description

Educational Planner - HCMC


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    • Maintaining positive & sustainable relationships with current ILA customers (parents & students) for re-enrollments.
    • Generating new relationships with potential customers (new enrollment)
    • Identifying opportunities for greater profits from current customers.
    • Being the all-in-one contact point for customers to contact as well as handling all queries/problems/issues to increase customers’ satisfaction.
    • Being in charge of all activities related to their customers in ILA to ensure that they receive high quality services and values from ILA. 
    • Other tasks related to their sales & care activities in their centres assigned by RM/RS.


    • Proven experience/knowledge and high interest as a Client Relationship oriented person.

    • Sales experience/sales-driven, customer experience/customer service-oriented and proactively sales result-oriented mindsets are required. 

    • Problem-solving skills & attitude.

    • Excellent communication skills.

    • Attitude for fostering positive relationships with current customers and new customers.

    • Teamwork and collaboration oriented.

    • Fluently in English.

    • BA or equivalent degree.

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