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Job Description

Head of Sales


    1. Strategic Planning
    -Be responsible for strategic planning in relation to the business and support services including all financial implications, and ensuring that the function uses its resources effectively and efficiently at all times.
    -Create and deliver a shared corporate strategic vision; build capacity across the workforce; improve organisation structures and functions; build and sustain effective relationships and communications strategies
    -Establish sales strategy by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions and territories; projecting expected sales volume for existing and new centres
    -Implement sales plan by developing field sales action plans. Determine annual unit and gross-profit plans by implementing strategies; analyzing trends and results
    -Propose sales scheme
    -Manage and implement the sales forecasting, planning and buyer driven sales and marketing processes, establishing high levels of quality, accuracy and process consistency for the sales and marketing organization.

    2. Functional and finance management
    -Overall manage including the KPIs and sales target for the whole department
    -Develop, maintain, control and improve sales working system
    -Annual planning to deliver good achievement and smooth operations for highly customer service quality and achieving targets.
    -Implement the financial decisions of the department
    -Advise the MD for the development of a long term financial strategy for the future development
    -Monitor and control income and expenditure in relation to the budget.

    3. Organization
    -Be responsible for the planning, development, design, organization and monitoring of sales and customer services systems/procedures/policies.
    -Provide organizational and advisory support to MD, attending and leading meetings as appropriate.

    4. Training and Development
    -Maintain sales staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting and training employees. As well as counseling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring and appraising job results.
    -Be responsible for the Performance Management of all staff.


    -Experience in similar position of MNCs in service industry successful and relevant leadership experience
    -Successful strategic experience
    -Experience of budgetary management and control within a large organization
    -Highly developed interpersonal skills
    -An ability to analyze data
    -An ability to use initiative and priorities work
    -Being accurate and well organized in approach to work
    -An ability to consult and share decision making with the senior team
    -Skills and confidence to coach and mentor staff and tackle underperformance
    -To have strong awareness of professionalism and confidentiality.

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