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Job Description

Operations Supervisor (Customer Care Supervisor) - Ho Chi Minh, Rach Gia


          1.Performance KPIs
    Re-enrolment: 40%
    - CSS: 30%
    - Revenue: 15% 
    - Contribution: 15%


    -Monitor on-going class weekly to take prompt action for any issue to make sure customers are happy

    -Monitor re-enrolment weekly to make sure that CCO follow up re-enrolment well

    -Monitor administration for re-enrolment process to avoid problem and make customer happy


    3.Customer satisfaction (CSS) 

    a.Customer Care

    -Monitor CCO and TA Team to deliver good customer service and customer care

    -Maintain and improve customer service and care at centre

    -Handling requests and complaints

    -CSS Follow Up

    -Monitor pass/fail rate

    b.Training and Development

    -Conduct Workshop/Training for TA and CCO

    -Suggest courses to Academic/HO

    -CCO and TA Development


    4. Centre operations 

    a.Property management

    -Maintain the building (office, classrooms, corridors, lobby, stairs, lifts, WCs, etc) in proper conditions: tidy, clean and safe;

    -Maintain all facilities and equipment in proper conditions: clean, safe and workable;

    b.Staff supervising

    -Observe/monitor to make sure CCO’s performance is accurate and professional;

    -Monitor to make sure CCO follow policies, procedures, instructions, internal regulations and standards;

    -Check ERP to make sure every process is applied correctly;

    -Arrange staff working schedule



    -Responsible for appropriate forecast and ordering of books and  materials  for centre use 

    d.Course administration

    -Before a class start: classroom, teacher, TAs, books, CDs, POS, resources;

    -During the course: class visit, callings, tests, resources, survey, results, telesales

    -When a class finish: 


    5. Marketing 

    a.ELT activities

    Prepare and organize all ELT activities for students at centre


    b.Local event

    Support  all local marketing events at centre


    6. TA management 

    a.Teaching Assistant recruitment

    -Forecast TA 

    -Recruitment process




    -Scheduling (Class/Substitution/Supervision/Level Testing)

    -Supporting Tasks

    -Taking class when requested

    -Cover absent TA/absent Level Tester when requested

    -Arrange right TA for right class

    -Smart Scheduling



    -TA Salary/Scale raise


    -Loyalty Award

    -Excellent Award

    -Leave and Termination


    d.TA Performance management

    -Observation: conduct, corrective action

    -Performance Appraisal

    -Disciplinary Process

    -TA SS: conduct, follow up improvement action

    -Social/Motivation activities


    7. Performance KPIs

    -Re-enrolment: 40%

    -CSS: 30%

    -Revenue: 15% 

    -Contribution: 15%


    -Prefer 03 years working experience in foreign company and in service product
    -Prefer working experience in an educational organisation
    -University graduated
    -Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    -Fluent in both English and Vietnamese
    -Management skills
    -Team building and Communication skills
    -Problem solving skills
    -Training and coaching skills
    -Well-organise and detail management 
    -Ability to work independently and as a part of the team
    -Fluent in both English and Vietnamese (Upper - intermediate level)
    -Be able to work on shifts and travel

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