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Job Description

Relationship Supervisor - Ho Chi Minh


    1. Performance KPIs  
    - Sales: 40%
    - Waiting day: 30%
    - Revenue: 15%
    - Re-enrolment: 15%

    2. New sales management
    - Weekly and monthly sales planning
    - Monitor sales performance daily;
    - Monitor conversion rate (visitors – placement tests- sales) daily;
    - Follow up bookings daily;
    - Review sales performance weekly and set plan for upcoming week(s).
    - Co-operate with other training centres to maximize sales for the company;
    - Monitor telesales activities at centre

    3.  Customer satisfaction
    - Monitor PA in their customer care tasks to make sure the services are professional;
    - Handle customers’ feedbacks/complaints;
    - Verify customers requests relating to saving fee, class transfer, refund, etc
    - Verify special offer or discounts;
    - Propose events, activities for centre when necessary;
    - Support in events organized/planned by the company

    4.Coaching and training
    - Conduct Workshop/Training for PA
    - Coach for PA
    - PA Development

    5. Centre Operation 
    Class scheduling
    - Forecast classes;
    - Schedule classes for the purpose of maximize enrolment and teaching hours;
    - Be flexible and adapt the market demand in scheduling to maximize revenue and teaching hours; 
    PA supervising
    - Observe/monitor to make sure PA’s performance is accurate and professional;
    - Monitor to make sure  PA follow policies, procedures, instructions, internal regulations and standards;
    - Check ERP to make sure every process is applied correctly;
    - Arrange staff working schedule

    6. School contract
    - Visit school to build relationship
    - Monitor school contract to make sure deliver good service to the students 
    - Follow up payment at school

    7. Marketing   
    Local MRK
    - Prepare and organize all local marketing event at centre
    ELT activities
    -  Support  all ELT activities at centre

    8. Reporting 
    - Complete reports: weekly, monthly or as required
    - Verify weekly monthly new sales report
    - Verify Non-standard Working Hours Report
    - Check Unearned Revenue Reports and take immediate action for any “Outstanding Payment” cases. 
    - Corporate report
    - Verify weekly and monthly ILA account report

    9. CM Delegation 
    - Support CM in centre performance
     financial KPIs: new sales, revenue;
    - Support CM in cost control: utilities, paper, stationery, resources;  
    - Work with HO departments and training centres, when necessary
    - Work with local authorities, landlord, schools, clients, when necessary


    University degree, major in English
    Experience in working in administration and customer services. Sales experience is preferable.
    Experience in supervision position

    Good leadership and management skills 
    Good analysis & problem solving skill
    Be able to well manage and organise the job
    Be careful and details
    Training, delegation & coaching skill
    Basic knowledge in finance

    Language: Good communication skills both in English and Vietnamese 

    Computer: Good MS Office skills (Word, Excel, Access…) 

    Other requirements
    Be able to work on shift
    Be able to travel to another TCs as request

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