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Job Description

Relationship Supervisor - ILA Cần Thơ


    1. Planning

    - Plan and work with CM for weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly activities to drive sales and re-sales

    - Plan for monthly, quarterly, yearly to train/coach staff in department

    2. New sales management

    - Weekly and monthly sales and re-sales planning

    - Monitor sales and re-sales performance daily;

    - Monitor conversion rate (visitors – placement tests- sales) daily;

    - Follow up bookings daily;

    - Review sales and re-sales performance weekly and set plan for upcoming week(s).

    - Co-operate with other training centres to maximize sales and re-sales for the company;

    - Monitor telesales activities at centre

    3. Customer satisfaction

     Customer service

    - Monitor sales and care team in their customer care tasks to make sure the services are professional;

    - Handle customers’ feedbacks/complaints;

    - Verify customers requests relating to saving fee, class transfer, refund, etc

    - Verify special offer or discounts;

    - Propose events, activities for centre when necessary;

    - Support in events organized/planned by the company

     Coaching and training

    - Conduct Workshop/Training for sales and care team

    - Sales and Care Development

    4. Centre Operation

    - Observe/monitor to make sure PA’s performance is accurate and professional;

    - Monitor to make sure PA follow policies, procedures, instructions, internal regulations and standards;

    - Check ERP to make sure every process is applied correctly;

    - Arrange staff working schedule

    5. School contract

    - Visit school to build relationship

    - Monitor school contract to make sure deliver good service to the students

    - Follow up payment at school

    6. Marketing

    • Local MRK

    - Prepare and organize all local marketing event at centre

    • ELT activities

    - Support all ELT activities at centre

    7. Reporting

    - Complete reports: weekly, monthly or as required

    - Verify weekly monthly new sales and re-sales report

    - Verify Non-standard Working Hours Report

    - Check Unearned Revenue Reports and take immediate action for any “Outstanding Payment” cases.

    - Corporate report

    - Verify weekly and monthly ILA account report

    8. CM Delegation

    - Support CM in centre performance

     financial KPIs: new sales, revenue;

    - Support TCM in cost control: utilities, paper, stationery, resources;

    - Work with HO departments and training centres, when necessary

    - Work with local authorities, landlord, schools, clients, when necessary

    9. Account management

    - Assign account to EP

    - Monitor all account at the centre to ensure good service

    - Manage account lost of each EP

    - Transfer account on time if any issue happened



    • University degree
    • 2-3 years of experience of Sales/ Consulting in Education/ Training industry
    • Experience in supervision position


    • Good leadership and management skills
    • Good analysis & problem solving skill
    • Be able to well manage and organise the job
    • Be careful and details
    • Training, delegation & coaching skill
    • Basic knowledge in finance

    Language: Good communication skills both in English and Vietnamese

    Computer: Good MS Office skills (Word, Excel, Access…)

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