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Job Description

Talent Management Manager


    1. Take charge in designing and facilitating the Performance Management, Individual Career Development, Talent Management & Succession Planning processes for the whole company or defined scope.
    2. Cooperate with the Training Department to design the Training / Coaching model & roadmap to ensure the development plan of our people is aligned with business and people strategy, on track and effective.
    3. Cooperate with the Training Department in designing the competency framework, leadership training/coaching program, etc.
    4. Master the database of talent management/succession planning to cooperate with TD in the Training/ Coaching plan, with Line Manager and Talent Acquisition Department for internal career opportunities.
    5. Design the development program and evaluation mechanism for MAP
    6. Facilitate and consult managers in related matters
    7. Other tasks as assigned by Head of HR


    1. Bachelor/Master Degrees
    2. Experience in the same positions is preferred
    3. Strong project management skill, Presentation & Influencing Skill. Analysis and Problem Solving skill
    4. Skilled in critical, creative, strategic thinking
    5. Excellent interpersonal skill, communication skill, both in writing & verbal
    6. Organizational & time management skills
    7. Be passionate and role model in people development
    8. Ability to work under high pressure
    9. Fluent in English and Vietnamese

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