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Job Description

Teaching Assistant Manager


     Recruitment and Selection
    - Recruitment Process
    - Recruitment Requirements
     Remuneration
    - TA Salary/Supporting tasks/Scale raise for ILAV according to HR 
    - Loyalty Award
    - Excellent Award
     Learning and Development
    - Ensure TAOs are trained and qualified to conduct workshop / 
    training, observations, observation and CSS feedback, appraisals, 
    disciplinary procedure
    - Training for TA Management
    - Working with HR for soft skills training for TA (learning needs
    - Working with Academic for TA Academic training in centre and 
    TAYL in HO
     Performance Management/Quality Control
    - Class Observation
    - Set criteria for TA and TAO/TAS Performance
    - Assess TAOs bi-quarterly
    - Performance Appraisal
    - Monitor KPIs target
    - Support TAOs in supervising TAs
    - Ensure TA monthly meeting are conducted at all centers
     New Centre Support
    - TA Recruitment
    Training for TA Management
     Develop Working System
    - Clarify and standardize procedure across all centers for TA 
     TA Cost Control
    - TA cost/hour
    - Cost efficiency
     Reports
    - Conduct monthly meetings with TAOs to review TA management 
     Improvement project/Succession Plan


    University Degree at English major.

    2 year’s experience in educational management or Teaching Assistant Manager.

    Excellent inter-personal skills, ability to work in an international environment

    Strong communicator and problem solving skills

    Leadership/ownership skills

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