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Job Description

Trade Marketing Manager


    Job Title: Trade Marketing Manager
    Reports to: Marketing Director
    Subordinates: Trade Marketing Supervisor/Executive

    Job Purposes: To manage in achieving the visit; sales target; cost per new sales and cost per visitor

    - Manage Allocated Trade Marketing  Budget 
    - Translate consumer insights into Trade Marketing  strategy and Trade marketing plans
    - Build Trade marketing plans to create and convert customer interest to purchase
    - Identify new ways to grow the brand/products by educating customers and by increasing usage and cross sales 
    - Make products, media and promotional investment decisions based on analysis of marketplace opportunities, competitions, brand performance and profitability
    - Find creative ways to generate new ideas that become commercially viable
    - Coordinating with departments to organize Trade MRK  activities [events, competitions, seminars, trips…]
    - Coordinating with Content  Manager to run PR campaigns, schools activities, ILA Community Network….
    - Follow up and monitor the project plans
    - Reporting
    - Qualified Leads generation per center, per region
    - Visibility management
    - Tracking current student stories (best student, testimonial, ESOL performance, loyalty customer).
    - Centre event planning and execution
    - Control internal marketing budget per region
    - Cross department interaction
    - Coordinate with HO for Nationwide  event management
    - Provide raw content per HO instruction
    - Oversee all POS programs
    - Tracking live 21st century project based presentation
    - Responsible for all IMS per region (South/North/Central)
    - Lead the IM executive of each center to work under the overall plan and also the bridge between marketing and CM.


    - University degree in Economics, Marketing or Business Management.
    - Knowledge of basic brand management, advertising, media industry.
    - At least 2 years experience at the same position in foreign invested company
    - Experience in marketing for customers
    - Good interpersonal skills (communication, coordination, negotiation and conflict management…)
    - Active, open minded, optimistic and creative thinking.
    - Self-motivated and discipline
    - Good teamwork and ability to work under high pressure
    - Understand young people and education
    - Well organized
    - Fluent Vietnamese and English

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