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Placement test is required.

11-12 YEARS A1 208 HOURS
12-13 YEARS A2 208 HOURS
13-14 YEARS B1 208 HOURS
14-15 YEARS B2 208 HOURS
15-16 YEARS C1 208 HOURS
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  • The Cambridge standard curriculum is enriched with rich visuals, videos, and diverse themes, empowering children to confidently develop all four language skills and six 21st-century soft skills (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, technology, and self-improvement).
  • The Project-based learning method at an advanced level focuses on business or entrepreneurship topics, social issues, and self-career orientation in alignment with contemporary professions.
  • Prepare for studying at top universities worldwide by participating in and achieving high scores on exams such as SAT, IELTS, and other relevant tests.
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