Data policy

Data policy

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1. The purpose of collecting personal data

At ILA Vietnam, we place an extra emphasis on protecting your personal data. We deeply understand that your data is exclusively yours, so we will try our best to collect and preserve your data with care.

The privacy policy depicts how ILA Vietnam collects and handles personal information when a user registers for the company’s services. Users who may agree to use ILA Vietnam’s services shall also comply with the articles of the privacy policy.

ILA Vietnam may modify the content of the policy by publishing a note on our system. The patch would then take effect immediately, following the publishing of the note. Users who may continue to use our services shall also agree to the newest updates of the policy.

We will collect various information from users who want to register for our services on the website.

We collect, store, and process user information for convenience of purchase and future communications, and to provide services. We do not limit personal information, including one’s title, name, gender, date of birth, email, address, phone number, payment details, card payment details, or bank account details.

We will use the information you have provided to process your orders and provide the services and information requested through the website. Furthermore, we will use such information to manage your account; Verify and perform online transactions, check data downloads from the web; improve website layout and content and adapt it to users; Identify customers on the web, study demographics, send information including that of product and service information if you do not choose to opt out. If you do not wish to receive any further communications from us, you may opt out of any communications at any time.

You can still access ILA Vietnam’s website anonymously. After successful registration, you can edit your name on the account management page. If you need to change your login email or phone number, you need to send us a request and go through the verification steps.

2. The scope in which your information is used

User information will be saved on the system by ILA Vietnam in the following common cases:

• When Users register and/or use ILA Vietnam’s services.

• When users submit any forms, not limited to application forms or other forms related to ILA Vietnam’s products and services, whether online or in physical document forms.

• When the User enters into any agreement or provides any documents or other information in connection with your interaction with ILA Vietnam, or when you use the company’s products and services.

• When users interact with ILA Vietnam, be it via phone (which may be recorded), mail, fax, in person, social media, or email.

• When Users use electronic services or interact with ILA Vietnam through ILA Vietnam’s Platform or use services on ILA Vietnam’s Platform. This includes, but is not limited to, through cookies. ILA Vietnam may deploy information collection when you interact with the ILA Vietnam Platform.

• When ILA Vietnam users make transactions through ILA Vietnam’s platform or services.

• When users give feedback or complaints.

• When Users provide their data to ILA Vietnam for any reason.

• Other cases that ILA Vietnam finds necessary follow the provisions of law.

3. Information storage time

ILA Vietnam stores and processes Users’ personal information on the server, protected by physical and electronic protection measures including firewalls, data encryption, and applicable procedures according to regulations of the information security law. ILA Vietnam enforces physical access controls to information and only allows access to personal information to those employees who need it to fulfill their job responsibilities within the ILA Vietnam system.

User information and accounts will be stored indefinitely on ILA Vietnam’s system so you can extend the service at any time.

4. The people or organizations that may have access to that information

ILA Vietnam commits not to provide, sell, exchange, or use other commercial forms of your personal information. However, non-identifying information about visitors to the website may be used and provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.

Other individuals and organizations may access information of ILA Vietnam users in the following cases:

• That information the user has made public.

• ILA Vietnam has the user’s consent to disclose this information.

• The third party that the ILA Vietnam user authorizes or allows requires ILA Vietnam to provide the user’s personal information. Authorization and permission must be expressed in notarized or authenticated writing.

• Upon legal request or from a public authority or if ILA Vietnam believes in good faith that such action is necessary to comply with legal requirements or under the law.

• Protecting the rights, interests, property, and safety of someone else based on balancing the interests of all parties.

• To other third parties with which ILA Vietnam has joint ventures or alliances to provide services on ILA Vietnam. Or new services related to ILA Vietnam that users are also using those linked services on ILA Vietnam products.

• ILA Vietnam is acquired or merged with another company. In this case, ILA Vietnam will notify you by email or by prominently posting on the ILA Vietnam website before information about you is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

In addition to the cases above but not limited to, the user’s personal information is always kept confidential from third parties, unless ILA Vietnam fully believes that this disclosure is necessary to prevent damages. Physical or financial harm may be caused by elements that appear to be illegal.

5. Address of the information collection and management unit

All user information provided to ILA Vietnam will be stored on the system. When necessary, ILA Vietnam users can ask about the collection and processing of personal information related to them at:


• Address: The Crest Residence, Metropole Thu Thiem Urban Area, 15 Tran Bach Dang, Thu Thiem Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

• Hotline: 1900 6965

• Support email:

• Website

6. Methods and tools for Users to access and edit information

After completing the service handover, the user is the only unit that owns and is responsible for securely managing identification information, administrative accounts, passwords, website content, and other information related to your account and website. Users can log in to their account to edit information on the website, and have the right to request ILA Vietnam to check, update, adjust, or cancel their previously registered personal information. ILA Vietnam is under no obligation to be held responsible for the accuracy and legality of information users post on the website.

ILA Vietnam will check, update, adjust, and cancel the user’s personal information upon request or provide users with tools to self-check, update, and modify personal information. We only support users through the account you provide to ILA Vietnam. Suppose you detect any form of unauthorized access to your account or security loopholes, including loss, theft, or disclosure of password information and other security information. In that case, you need to immediately notify ILA Vietnam for support.

Users must be solely responsible for the content of emails sent from their account and the content on their website. By providing your email and registering for a trial, you agree to receive marketing emails from ILA Vietnam.

Users need to be responsible for keeping the devices using ILA Vietnam software under control and safe while also keeping track of their access information to avoid accounts being stolen and/or abused for malicious purposes. We recommend that users change their passwords soon after providing them to relevant parties for support purposes in usage.

7. How we receive and resolve consumer complaints

In case our users have any comments or complaints, they shall send them to ILA Vietnam by the following methods:

• Call the customer service hotline at 1900 6965

• Send an email to

• Come directly to the office of ILA VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED

• Address: The Crest Residence, Metropole Thu Thiem Urban Area, 15 Tran Bach Dang, Thu Thiem Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, or at branches where ILA has centers according to the address directed Guided at the following website

Depending on the complexity of the complaint, ILA Vietnam will have a corresponding processing time. The results of complaint resolution will be notified to our users. If necessary, ILA Vietnam may invite the complainant to work directly.

ILA Vietnam will strive to resolve users’ concerns as soon as possible and in the spirit of negotiation, reconciliation, respect, and mutual benefit.

8. Changing regulations

ILA Vietnam may change these regulations on an irregular basis, including adding or removing parts of the content or suspending the website without prior notice. However, if this regulation is changed in a way that may be detrimental to you, ILA Vietnam will try to notify you of the change via the e-mail you provided or right on the homepage.

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