Parents of Nguyen Gia Han share the story of studying at ILA

phụ huynh của bé nguyễn gia hân

Author: Hồ Vy

“I highly appreciate the ILA summer course’s effectiveness!”

That is the most notable sharing of Gia Han’s mother. Gia Han is now studying at the Smart Teens level at ILA.

“In certain situations, Gia Han’s shyness prevents her from communicating and expressing her opinion in English, even though she already knows what to say. But things have changed in a positive way since the ILA summer course last year. She has become more dynamic and proactive. Indeed, this summer course has positively affected the general development of my daughter’s personality, as well as her English skill in particular.”

Gia Han’s mom also shared, “Teachers and their interactions with students play a very important role in the students’ results, especially in language learning. Students must feel comfortable and stress-free, then the process of acquiring knowledge and developing communication skills can work effectively. Speaking and listening skills especially need to be taught in a standardized environment with native speakers.”

“The Smart Teens level requires her to put more concentration on studying rather than other activities. Therefore, besides class time at ILA, we also help her to make plans for extra study at home by researching in books and other useful materials. Because we believe that research can help her remember things longer.”

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