Lợi ích của việc học tiếng Anh-6

15 benefits of learning English you need to know

Why should you learn English? What will you gain with this second language? Let’s take a look at 15 benefits of learning English with ILA. Surely after knowing these great things, you will want to learn a foreign language right away! 1. Increase brain activity…

bí kíp ghi chú trong bài thi nghe ielts

Avoid getting lost in the IELTS listening test

The IELTS listening test is quite comprehensive as you have to read, listen and take notes at the same time.…

cách giúp bé 3-6 tuổi mê Tiếng Anh

4 ways to help 3-6 year olds “fall in love” with English – Just 10 minutes a day

How to make your child love English from a young age? Let’s listen to Bui Hai Yen, 13-year-old student of…

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