15 benefits of learning English you need to know

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Author: Ha Hoa

Why should you learn English? What will you gain with this second language? Let’s take a look at 15 benefits of learning English with ILA. Surely after knowing these great things, you will want to learn a foreign language right away!

1. Increase brain activity

One of the benefits of learning a foreign language is increasing brain flexibility. According to experts, bilingual people always have the ability to switch languages flexibly because they must learn to determine when to speak which language.

Specifically, learning English is one of the best ways to keep your brain challenged and active. You will have to memorize new words, their meanings, usage, sentence structure, etc. Therefore, the brain will be activated and work efficiently.

2. Benefits of learning English: Increase confidence when communicating

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Learn English for what?! One of the effects of learning English has been recognized by many people is to make each person feel confident and expressive in communication. When learning, many people often find it difficult and are afraid to speak because they are always afraid of being wrong.

However, gradually, you will learn to accept your mistakes. By overcoming this, you will gain confidence. Moreover, by regularly participating in English courses or exchanging while studying, we can talk and communicate with many people. This certainly makes people bold in communication.

3. Be more creative

What are the benefits of learning English? You may not know, the benefit of learning English is to improve creativity. Some researchers claim that learning a second language helps you think more creatively. When the brain is flexible, it will increase creativity in problem-solving.

Moreover, when your reading comprehension in English is proficient, you will learn many new things from books or studies in foreign languages. This gives you a lot of useful knowledge, serving for study, work, and life.

4. The benefits of learning English: Improve your chances of studying abroad

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The benefit of studying English in English is that you will have more opportunities to study abroad. This is because English is the official language of many countries and many countries teach this subject as a compulsory requirement in schools.

Moreover, many famous universities in the world are located in English-speaking countries. The disciplines at these schools are also primarily taught in this language. So, if you want to study abroad at top universities, then proving your English proficiency is a must. Regardless of your academic achievement, you will be required to pass the relevant tests and reach a certain level of English. If you are “conversant” with a foreign language, that will be an advantage.

For example, if you want to attend an English-speaking university like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, or MIT, passing the English tests is essential.

5. What are the benefits of learning English? Ease of taking exams/getting certificates

Surely many people know the benefit of learning written English in English is that it helps you to pass certain exams or get certain certificates. Specifically, at this time an English certificate is a mandatory condition.

For example, to graduate from university, students must have an English proficiency exam certificate relative to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Additionally, if someone wants to study at an institute or participate in other forms of postgraduate training, an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) certificate is required.

6. The effect of learning English: Easy entertainment in English

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In topics about the benefits of learning English, many people also say that if you are “conversant” in this language, it is very convenient to find entertainment. This is because a huge number of blockbusters come from Hollywood and nearly all of them are produced in English.

Being fluent in this second language will give you the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate them in its original form, with or without subtitles. Translations do not always express the subtleties of dialogue. So being able to watch movies in their original language opens up the opportunity to a whole new world of entertainment.

In addition to movies, famous TV shows or music in the world often use English as a language. So, if you want to have interesting entertainment moments with cult classics, you must be fluent in this language.

The same applies to literature. Many world-famous works are written in English. You will have a multitude of options to enjoy them without resorting to sometimes ambiguous translations.

7. Expand relationships, connect social networks

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One of the benefits of learning English is connecting you with people around the world.

When you start learning English, you can practice by chatting directly with other language learners like you. In addition, there are many study groups or learning communities that you can join while learning English.

Besides, if you are good at foreign languages, anyone has the opportunity to find friends around the world. As long as we have the Internet, we can send mail or simply connect on social networks with anyone we want. At this time, language will no longer be a barrier. On the contrary, it helps each person to expand relationships. This has great significance in study and work, among many other things.

8. Learn English for what? Expanding cultural understanding

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Language is an important aspect of culture. When we learn English, we will definitely be immersed in the culture of these language-speaking countries. Specifically, we can understand the rules of behavior of native speakers as well as the do’s and don’ts when communicating with them.

In other words, by learning English or any other language, you have the opportunity to expand your understanding of cultures. This will be very helpful not only in work but also in social relationships and life.

9. Easily join international events or conferences

In international events or conferences, English is often used as the official language. Therefore, anyone can feel comfortable and confident when participating in these events.

You will not need an interpreter to understand the content of a conference. Moreover, when you have a good command of English, it is easier for you to blend in with the crowd, thereby taking advantage of opportunities to develop yourself and your career.

10. Benefits of learning foreign languages: Advantages in research and academics

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English is an essential language for anyone working in science or research. There are many world-famous publications written and printed in this language.

Scholars who have to do research at an academic level or learn about new scientific discoveries must have a strong command of English. You will not be able to read periodicals, or when you want to publish research work, it would likely need to be written in English.

You need to remember that the native language of science is English (nearly all common scientific terms are in this language). Therefore, the ability to speak and write in English is a must for all fields of study.

11. Benefits of learning English: Confidently explore the world

One of the most important benefits of learning English is that we can explore many parts of the world and communicate easily with the locals.

If you want to travel abroad, being good at English is always an advantage. You will not need interpreters or tour guides. It should be noted that English is the official language in a lot of countries around the world, such as the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Kenya, Hong Kong, India, Mauritius, the Philippines, etc. So, for commuting, shopping, or communicating while traveling, you should learn English.

In addition, in countries that speak other languages, you can also easily communicate with them in English. Because they themselves have learned this language in school.

12. Expanding job opportunities with employers

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Knowing a foreign language will be an advantage in the eyes of employers. A person who is good at English will always have many advantages and be appreciated more than someone who is only good at specialized skills.

Those who speak two or more languages ​​are often ideal candidates for jobs in tourism, international business, or translation. Many high-level government agencies also seek multilingual candidates.

Moreover, English is considered the global business language. The international business community often uses it to communicate. Therefore, working hard to develop your English skills is a way to help you have many job opportunities, not only in your home country but also around the world.

13. The benefits of learning English: There are opportunities to advance in work and career

English is not only the most popular language in the world but it is also spoken in powerful countries that have great influence. If you want to advance in your career, the ability to speak English fluently is definitely an advantage. Whether you are interested in business, healthcare, technology, or any other field, being good at a foreign language always opens up opportunities for advancement.

In particular, according to some statistics, people who are good at English can also receive higher salaries (up to 10-15%) than those who are “blind” in foreign languages.

14. Have the opportunity to settle abroad

Many people want to settle abroad to improve their income and stabilize their lives, but this is not easy. However, if you are good at English, you will have many opportunities to go abroad to live and work. Because normally to become a citizen of an English-speaking country, you have to achieve a certain level.

If you are not fluent in foreign languages ​​while living in these countries, you will definitely have difficulties in communicating, buying, selling, working, going to the hospital, etc.

15. Keeping up with the development of the digital platform

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The Internet has become a part of people’s daily lives. We use it constantly for work, school, and socializing. You will find almost every language in the world available on the Internet, but much of the online content is in English. So, by having English skills, you will not be afraid to be behind the times and easily keep up with the development of the times.

Furthermore, if you plan to work in the technology sector or you simply want to be able to use the most popular websites while surfing the web, then learning English as a second language is essential.

In short, the benefits of learning English are huge. In our daily life, we have to use this language a lot. So, don’t hesitate to enhance your foreign language learning today!

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