Privacy principles Personal data

privacy principles personal data

Author: Hoàng Thu

Privacy Principles

Transparency: We are always clear and transparent about how we process Personal Data.

Fair and lawful use: We only process Personal Data lawfully and when there are good reasons to do so.

Limited purpose: We only process Personal Data for a specific purpose and will not use it for any other inappropriate purposes, unless we have complied with the permitted procedures under the data privacy laws to do this legally.

Completeness and Minimization of Data: We ensure we only appropriately process Personal Data. We will maintain a reasonable balance to ensure that we process enough Personal Data to fulfill specific purposes, and do not process more Personal Data than necessary.

Data accuracy: We maintain appropriate standards of data accuracy and integrity. We have policies regarding data accuracy, including implementing necessary procedures to prevent Personal Data from being kept up to date.

Privacy by design: We have processes to ensure that new products and services, or changes to existing products and services, are designed to comply with data privacy laws. We guarantee that each individual involved in the processing of Personal Data is always aware of their obligations in respect of Personal Data, as well as their responsibility to comply with these principles.

Document Retention: We appropriately store documents to demonstrate compliance with data privacy laws.

Data Subject Rights: We respect Data Subjects’ rights to their Data following data privacy laws.

Data Storage and Security: We maintain reasonable security standards concerning the Personal Data we process. We delete or destroy Personal Data when it is no longer needed for further legitimate use. We will ensure that only certain individuals, who have access to the Personal Data we process, are authorized to make such deletion.

Data transfer: In the event of a voluntary transfer of Personal Data to an ILA company, a third party, or other law enforcement agencies, we ensure that the transfer complies with the laws on data security. When necessary, we will review the data recipient’s information security and privacy policies to ensure they comply with the principles.

Third parties: When we appoint a supplier or agent, we will review their information security and privacy policies to ensure they comply with the principles.

Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice is part of the General Terms and Conditions for the relationship between ILA Vietnam Co., Ltd. (collectively “ILA Vietnam”, “we”, “us”, and “our”) and customers, potential customers, and customer stakeholders (collectively referred to as “users”, “you”, and “your”). The Privacy Notice should be read and interpreted correspondingly with the General Terms and Conditions.

The Privacy Notice applies to us as controller and/or processor of your Personal Data and explains what information we collect about you, how it is used, to whom it is shared, and storage to ensure that information remains private and secure.

1. The Personal Data we collect

Personal data is information in the form of symbols, letters, numbers, images, sounds, or similar digital forms that are associated with a specific person or help identify a specific person, including any data about an individual, and from that data identifies or can be identified by a particular individual. The personal data we collect about you is necessary for you to use our products and services and for other purposes outlined in the Privacy Notice, including:

Basic Personal Data: We may collect Basic Personal Data about you, including but not limited to:

√ Personal data: Your full name, address, email address, date of birth, place of birth, ID card/CCCD number, passport number, and other information related to your identity that you provide to us.

√ Relationship data: Engagement status, information about family relationships (parents, children).

√ Professional data: Information about your study or work history.

√ Behavioral data: Information about your digital accounts, personal data reflecting your activities, and activity history in cyberspace.

√ And other basic Personal Data that pertains to a specific person or helps identify an individual.

If you provide us with the Personal Data of another person, you must obtain that person’s consent as required by law, as well as explain and ensure that that person understands how we will process their Data.

2. How do we process Personal Data?

We may process your Personal Data for the purposes listed below, including but not limited to:

• Verify the accuracy and completeness of the information provided; determine or authenticate your identity and perform customer authentication procedures.

• Process your registration for any products or services offered or provided by us.

• Contact you to exchange information or other related documents.

• Manage and evaluate business activities including improving the quality of Products, Services or conducting marketing communication activities.

• Other reasonable purposes related to those set out above.

If we process your data for other purposes, we will inform you of how we process this Personal Data. In addition, we would only process the data when given your consent, following laws and regulations.

To carry out the purposes above, we process your đata by performing one or more operations such as collection, confirmation, storage, correction, disclosure, combination, sharing, provide, transfer, delete, remove Personal Data, or other related actions.

3. Storage and security of Personal Data

Your data stored by ILA Vietnam will be kept confidential. We will take reasonable measures to protect your data. Following the laws, we may store your Personal Data in Vietnam, including on cloud storage. We apply global standards on data security of ILA Vietnam, by current legal regulations.

We retain your Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in the Privacy Notice unless a longer retention period of Personal Data is required or permitted by legal regulations.

Rights and Obligations of Data Subjects

Except where otherwise provided by law, you may exercise your rights by contacting us using the information provided in detail in the Privacy Notice, including:

The right to know: you are informed about the processing of your Personal Data.

The right to consent: you have the right to consent or not to consent to the processing of your Personal Data.

The right of access: you have access to view, edit, or request correction of your Personal Data.

The right to withdraw consent: you have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of Personal Data.

The right to data deletion: you have the right to delete or request deletion of your Personal Data in certain circumstances per the law.

The right to restrict data processing: you can restrict the processing of your Personal Data in certain cases, following the law.

The right to access your data: you can require access to your Personal Data in certain cases by law.

The right to object to data processing: you have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data to prevent or restrict the disclosure of Personal Data or the use of Personal Data for advertising and marketing purposes.

You should note that your implementation of any of the above requests may result in the Products and Services we provide to you being limited, suspended, canceled, prevented, or prohibited, as the case may be. For that reason, your making one of the above requests may also be considered a termination on your part of any contractual relationship you may have with us and we reserve our legal rights and remedies in such circumstances.

You have the following obligations regarding Personal Data:

• Protect your Personal Data and request other relevant organizations and individuals to protect it.

• Respect and protect the Personal Data of others.

• Provide complete and accurate Personal Data when consenting to the processing of Personal Data.

• Participate in propaganda activities and disseminate personal data protection skills.

• Implement legal regulations on personal data protection and participate in preventing and combating violations of personal data protection regulations.

• Other obligations are specified in applicable laws and regulations.

Data security

Security is our top priority. ILA Vietnam always strives to ensure that Users’ data is protected from unauthorized or accidental access, processing, or deletion. We maintain this commitment to data security by applying physical, electronic, and managerial measures to protect your data.

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