Meet ‘ILA girl’ – The Voice Kids Vietnam 2019: Thao Lam – Linh Dan

gặp gỡ hai giọng hát việt nhí 2019 thảo lam và linh đan

Author: Nguyễn Huy

Not only possessing powerful and inspirational vocals, Thao Lam and Linh Dan also conquered the coaches at the Viet Nhi Voice contest thanks to their stage bravery and convincing English singing ability. This year’s Vietnamese Women’s Day, let’s chat with these two talented girls with ILA to learn more about their passion for music and interesting English learning secrets!

gặp gỡ hai giọng hát việt nhí 2019 thảo lam và linh đan

What drew you to music? Who is your inspiration?

Thao Lam: Since childhood, I have had a special interest in music and melodies. Whenever I hear any good sound, I usually hum and keep thinking about it, making me feel happy and comfortable. So, from the age of 6, my mother sent me to piano lessons and gradually, music has become an important part of my life, giving me a sensitive and loving soul. For example, when I watch movies or read the news, I easily empathize with beautiful and touching stories. The first time I watched the Voice of Vietnam Children program, I was a big fan of Ms. Vu Cat Tuong – a multi-talented and civilized singer-songwriter. She is the image I want to be in the future: having cultural knowledge, composing and performing impressively, and playing an instrument just like me!

Linh Dan: Everything comes naturally to me. Since the age of 2, I have been very interested in children’s songs, love to listen and memorize melodies very quickly. A little older, start singing along so that the music is right, in the right rhythm. I feel very happy to have my mother who is the closest person to me and always accompany and help me when I come to music.

How did you start practicing, pursuing your musical journey as a professional singer?

Thao Lam: From a young age, when my mother noticed that I liked to “play” with melodies, she let me learn the piano. In addition, I also enjoy participating in music competitions and movements at school, winning quite a few awards (laughs). Because I love it so much, nearly a year ago, I asked my mother to let me study professional singing at a music academy as well as register to participate in the Voice of Vietnam Children program 2019.

Linh Dan: Actually, I don’t think of myself as a professional singer (laughs). When my family saw that I had a love for music and liked to sing, my mother sent me to study singing and join clubs to develop more and be more confident. The milestone I remember most is 2017 when I participated in the ILA Got Talent contest and won the first prize with an English song. The compliments of the foreign judges on my pronunciation are also the motivation for me to be more confident when performing English songs in the future.

What do you love most about joining The Voice Kids? Why?

Thao Lam: I idolize Ms. Luu Thien Huong and Uncle Ali Hoang Duong, so when I was selected to join the team, I was very happy because I was loved and taught. Being able to sing on a big stage in front of a large audience is an unforgettable experience, besides that, I also love to learn and meet many brothers and sisters from all over the world. Up to now, we still keep in touch and always communicate with each other. Support each other on the following activities!

Linh Dan: My favorite thing is that I can participate in the most professional music playground for my age. In addition, I also met the coaches, all famous people that I only saw on TV, and were taught and guided by the same coaches in how to sing and choose songs that suit my voice.

What is your next plan?

Thao Lam: After the competition, my biggest priority is studying when this is my first year in middle school, I have to get used to the new environment and the different curriculum. At the same time, I still maintain my interest in studying piano, singing as well as learning English at ILA. For me, studying gifted subjects is a way of entertainment and relaxation so I don’t feel like going to school at all. Every weekend I eagerly look forward to going to ILA, every activity, every presentation I feel “enjoy”, I don’t want to miss a single day of school!

Linh Dan: When I come back from the competition, I will first have to go to a culture class to keep up with my friends and make up for the amount of knowledge lost during the program. And of course, returning to the English class at ILA is indispensable because I miss you too. I will definitely continue with my passion for music.

How did you sing English songs so well?

Thao Lam: At first, I self-taught online, there were songs that I liked so much that I kept listening to them over and over and then tinkering with the chords on the piano to sing again. Later, I learned more English songs and was edited by the teachers, so my pronunciation became more and more standard and fluent. Especially, I also translate English songs into Vietnamese to understand the meaning of the song, from which I feel right and sing more emotionally.

Linh Dan: I like English songs very much, so I often listen to them a lot and sing along, helping me improve my diverse singing ability and help me practice English skills besides studying in school.

How does learning English help you in music and life?

Linh Dan: Learning English well will help me understand the lyrics of English songs, sing and pronounce correctly. In addition, I will have many opportunities to communicate with friends from many countries, travel abroad without fear of getting lost, and grow up to be able to study abroad and fulfill my dreams.

Thao Lam: Studying English at ILA brings me many benefits. For example, thanks to my English, I can refer to many documents to take the exam and get the APRSM international certificate in music of the British Royal Family. In addition, being good at English can also learn and read more new music news and trends in the world to keep yourself updated and also help with your future study abroad goals. I also have a dream to introduce Vietnamese music to the world when I’m good enough!

gặp gỡ hai giọng hát việt nhí 2019 thảo lam và linh đan - 2

What is your favorite singer or song?

Linh Dan: My favorite singers are Taylor Swift and Adele because their songs are very emotional and meaningful.

Thao Lam: I listen to all artists’ music, recently my favorite songs are: Listen by Beyonce, Fight Song by Rachel Platten – a very good feminist song.

Can you share some English learning tips that you apply effectively to you?

Thao Lam: With any subject, it takes love and practice, then choosing a good environment to develop and inspire learning. I am very fortunate to study at ILA – a creative environment and encourage personality development, in class with teachers to guide me and at home to be encouraged and supported by my parents. I like the 21st century learning method the most. When I can do projects with friends, I can practice my skills by searching for information, synthesizing and discussing with the group, then presenting in English. 100%.

Linh Dan: My secret is to incorporate my passion for music into my studies. I often listen to many English songs, watch cartoon channels and movies for children in English to learn Listening and Speaking, in addition, the topics studied at ILA always give me the opportunity to learn more interesting knowledge. outsiders should always feel excited when learning.

Thank you Thao Lam and Linh Dan for sharing so cute and inspiring!

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