From ILA Speak Up to the journey of becoming more mature every day

Từ ILA Speak Up đến hành trình trưởng thành hơn mỗi ngày

Author: Nguyễn Huy

More than an English speaking contest, the annual Speak Up playground of ILA Education Organization is a great journey for each ILA student to strive to break his own limits, so that his aspirations are revealed. and the potential really shines.

Shining journey with Speak Up 2020

With 2 champions Nomura Yoshio and Nguyen Hoai Nam and 2 runners-up Le Tri Thuc and Pham Minh Phu, this victory in the English arena gathering more than 3,000 excellent candidates is an unexpected happiness. Join the competition with modest goals, but the children have grown more mature with each round to reach the podium.

With the champion Nomura Yoshio, a change in his mind came as soon as he entered the first round of Speak Up 2020. At first, the 8th grader was always confident that he was the best. But when witnessing the excellence of other contestants, Yoshio understood that he could not be satisfied, but had to constantly learn and improve himself to grow and shine more.

từ ila speak up đến hành trình trưởng thành hơn mỗi ngày

Nomura Yoshio after 2 years of growth from the ILA Speak Up contest 2020

Runner-up Pham Minh Phu is not confident with his ability. He used to participate in Speak Up 2019 held in Hanoi but has not achieved significant results. It is the mindset of “Try non-stop, don’t mind failure” that has made Phu bravely enter Speak Up 2020 to reassert herself and touch the runner-up position. Runner-up Le Tri Tric also tried at some small competitions at ILA. The experience accumulated since then has become a valuable baggage for him to go far in Speak Up 2020.

Từ ILA Speak Up đến hành trình trưởng thành hơn mỗi ngày - 2

The journey to the victory of the youngest champion Nguyen Hoai Nam is quite “thrilling” compared to other contestants. Nam won the first place at Speak Up 2020 at the age of 9. At a young age, without much experience, the 4th grader fell ill twice because of stress before starting the 1st and 2nd rounds. But the deeper he went into the inner circle, the more challenges he faced, the more confident he became. of the South has more than doubled. On the final night of the competition, everyone couldn’t help but admire the image of a tiny but extremely confident boy, passionately giving a fluent presentation on the topic of Future Agriculture.

ILA lays the foundation for every student to GROW MORE EVERY DAY

During 25 years of pursuing the educational mission, ILA keeps in mind that the progress of students cannot be counted by day 1 or day 2. In order for you to improve and perfect yourself, ILA has brought playgrounds. worthy as ILA Speak Up – where you step by step develop and embark on your own journey of GROWTH EVERY DAY.

The contest witnessed the students’ efforts to break barriers and overcome their own limits to receive worthy results. That maturity is always in the shadow of ILA teachers, who are delivering meaningful educational messages and knowledge and skills that help change each student’s life day by day.

Champion Nguyen Hoai Nam started studying at ILA at the age of 5. During 5 years of childhood, ILA not only gave her knowledge but also molded and trained her skills and good qualities. Not only is the child active in learning and passion, but he also actively organizes his personal life and helps his parents with housework. Participating in Speak Up 2020 at a very young age, the 9-year-old boy chose the presentation topic and made the slide show himself. The victory at Speak Up 2020 has made the once shy boy become confident to be ready to conquer new milestones.

Từ ILA Speak Up đến hành trình trưởng thành hơn mỗi ngày - 3

Runner-up Nguyen Hoai Nam has become more brave after coming out of the competition

ILA’s educational philosophy does not emphasize achievement, but focuses on the effort to overcome oneself. That philosophy has turned Nomura Yoshio from an aggressive boy to a peaceful one. Yoshio went deep into the inner rounds of Speak Up 2020 with an unprecedented leisurely attitude. The great performance of the 8th grader at Speak Up 2020 is the result of a long journey of change at ILA.

ILA Speak Up 2022 has returned with the spirit of “Greater You Everyday”

Speak Up 2022 has kicked off. The next generation of excellent ILA students has entered the thrilling race again. “Do not stop trying. When you try your best, it doesn’t matter what the result is,” Le Tri Thuc reminded the contestants of this year’s contest. “Never stop moving forward and dare to try again when you fail”, that is the common secret that Pham Minh Phu and Yoshio share.

Từ ILA Speak Up đến hành trình trưởng thành hơn mỗi ngày - 4

Runners-up Pham Minh Phu and Le Tri Thuc receive awards

All the winners and runners-up of the 2020 season are extremely excited about the theme of Speak Up 2022: Greater Voice – Greater Impact. Open topics in 3 areas: Society, Environment and Science – Technology will be an opportunity for candidates to constantly be creative and strongly raise their voices to create positive influences and changes. .

“The time I spent studying at ILA with me was encapsulated in two words “priceless”. Le Tri Thuc’s sharing probably also reveals the common feelings of students who have grown up under the ILA common roof. With ILA Speak Up 2022, ILA will continue to give students invaluable changes. And from there, you will also make good changes for this world.

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