Tran Quang Nhan shares his experience of learning English at ILA

trần quang nhân

Author: Hồ Vy

“Confident to express myself thanks to good English.”

For business people, it is very important to act in a professional manner at work or in meeting with partners, especially with foreign partners. Thus, how can you make a good impression on partners and confidently negotiate mutually beneficial terms if you are not good with English? This article will share real reasons that help you understand the difficulties of working with foreign partners. Let’s meet Mr. Tran Quang Nhan, who has experienced this first-hand, as he “unveils” the secret to achieve the professional style of a real business person!

Challenges when working with international company.

As a supplier of textile machinery to European and Chinese manufacturers, he often has to work with foreign partners. It’s imperative that the working environment of foreign companies is very serious and professional, which is why Nhan puts a lot of effort into creating a professional working style. Besides, according to Nhan, communicating in English professionally is also very important.

According to him, good English speakers are very likely to succeed in their careers or business. Talking directly with foreigners requires really good English, which means you have to master both academic English and communication skills. In general, they will evaluate your class and values through your ability to communicate in English rather than the qualifications you have. If your speaking skill is average, people will think that you are average too. You will have difficulty expressing opinions, or voicing your ideas at work. “My ability to communicate with English-speaking foreigners is quite okay, but not as good as expected. Foreigners have different cultures and communication styles,” he self-reflected. Therefore, he decided to learn more English to present and communicate at work more professionally.

How to be more confident to work in an international environment.

It is not easy to find a suitable environment and learning method for busy people like office workers or businessmen like Mr. Nhan. After researching courses in different centers, Mr. Tran Quang Nhan decided to register for the Global English program at ILA. According to him, this is a well-known brand of English training, with many branches to choose from. It is very convenient to have an ILA center near your house. The program is also richer and more varied compared to other brands according to his previous research.

“Native teachers not only have English proficiency but, more importantly, have social and business backgrounds, which means they can discuss things like finance and economic indicators with students. They can bring real business cases in to explain and guide students to study them entirely in English. Talking with foreigners face-to-face will help us to improve our communication and grammar quickly,” Mr. Nhan added.

Office workers are often distracted by many factors such as overcrowded classrooms, differences in age or proficiency level, or straight up “sluggish” students. Therefore, Nhan’s motivation is strengthened because his classmates are at the same level as him, not like in the other centers where adults study with elementary schoolchildren. Besides, students at ILA have varied life and work experience, and many of them also work in foreign companies, so it is easy to discuss, make conversation, practice together, and make progress.

In addition, knowing the aim of professional students, ILA’s lesson plans emphasize improving presentation and communication skills, which is very different from Exam English..

As a result, after 3 months of studying at ILA, Quang Nhan can clearly see the change in his pronunciation. He uses more precise words, presenting with partners more fluently and impressively than before. Nhan happily shared, “Advancement of my English helps me a lot in my daily work, which is demonstrated by the fact that my proposals, e-mails, and reports in English are more accurate, clear, and coherent in an international style, rather than a Vietnamese style, as before. And what I am proud of most is the real entrepreneurial spirit.”

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