Thu Giang, mother of Si Khai (17 years old) and Minh Anh (5 years old)

phụ huynh bé minh anh và sĩ khải

Author: Hồ Vy

“Learning English at ILA helps the kids to blend in faster when studying abroad!”

That is what Ms. Thu Giang said after her son Si Khai’s experience (Si Khai started learning English at ILA 10 years ago, when he was 6). Currently Khai is studying at a high school in Singapore.

After 2 years learning at ILA, being exposed to the language and interacting with fully certified and experienced teachers, and good teaching methodology and modern facility, Khai has learned a good amount of English, so that he can be confident to blend in a new environment when studying abroad.

Thanks to studying at ILA and extra curriculum activities provided,brings him the confidence in communicating in English – Ms. Thu Giang says. Khai himself says: ILA’s play and learn approach is effective for him, makes him feel there’s no pressure. And when there is no pressure except for the pressure of “loving learning”, his knowledge and skills can improve naturally.

Nevertheless, talent and ability also affect the quality of learning. Khai is lucky to have a talent in foreign language learning, his hobbies are also related to language – he really enjoys listening to music and watching movies in English.

Seeing how effective Khai could learn, his little sister who is now 5 years old also has been learning English at ILA for more than half a year. To add more comments about Minh Anh’s English development at this moment seems to be too soon. But there is one thing for sure, she really enjoys classes at ILA – every time she goes to class she feels very happy – Ms. Thu Giang says.

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