Parents of Anh Thu (11 years old) and Quang Khai (6 years old)

phụ huynh của bé trần anh thư và trần quang khải

Author: Hồ Vy

“Compared to the trend, I feel my two kids started learning English a bit later than others!”

Learning a foreign language, especially English, has become a trend in the recent years. In my children’s generation, knowing English has become “a must”.

And to be honest, compared to the trend my 2 kids started learning English a bit later than others. The first daughter started learning at ILA at 9. The son started a bit sooner.

To illustrate his point, the father says: my sister family (my sister is living in Australia) has 2 daughters (8 years old and 5 years old) – her family uses 3 languages to communicate so her 2 kids also need to use English – Vietnamese – and Chinese since they learned to speak. Right now both of them can use 3 languages fluently depending on the situation: at school, at father’s homeland (China), or at mother’s homeland (Vietnam). Seeing that example, I decided to let my kids learn foreign languages, English in particular, the sooner the better.

Especially in my kids’ case, we can see that apart from learning English they also become more confident, that’s the advantage of learning at ILA – the father concludes.

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