ILA students make an impression when they become a million dollar investor

nhà đầu tư triệu usd ila

Author: Nguyễn Huy

With a “difficult” problem when planning to use 1 million USD to bring solutions to change the world, ILA students proved the bravery, intelligence and skills of leaders future religion.

“Education is the most powerful tool to change the world, so I will use 1 million USD to invest in educational development including illiteracy eradication, study abroad support and capital increase” – Le Tri Thuc, contestant from Hanoi impressed with the strong and decisive message right from the beginning.

This is the final round of the ILA Speak Up Contest 2020, for talented English speakers from 7 to 16 years old who are studying at ILA English Education Organization. This is a professional and large-scale playground that attracts 3000 contestants from all over the country after only a few days of working. After four months with three rounds of competition, the 36 best contestants were present at the Finals held in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. You have demonstrated your bravery, confidence, excellent English ability and 6 21st Century skills through two exam topics related to the future of the world: Environment and Future Earth. For candidates from 11 to 16 years old, the exam questions about knowledge and thinking about future technology have become an inspiration for bold but also practical ideas.

With a great love for Literature, contestant Tran Ngoc Anh Thu decided to use an investment of 1 million USD for a project called VYALIT to help develop Vietnamese literature, including investing in writers and artists. potential literary works, organizing programs and workshops on writing. Contestant Nguyen Phu Vinh presented a plan to use the investment of 1 million USD for 3 very important goals: investment in technology, in the environment and in education.

With a passion for technology and education, Pham Minh Phu from Hanoi decided to use 1 million USD to develop virtual reality technology to serve the universalization and improve the quality of global education. Also concerned with the topic of education, Tuyet Anh decided to use her investment to establish a scholarship fund to help talented young people who cannot afford to go to school of all ages across Vietnam. educational opportunities. Each of you has a different point of view and mindset, but they all demonstrate the vision of a young leader, a subtle observation on social issues, skills and confidence, and excellent English ability. sharp. Not only impressed in the 3-minute presentation, the contestants also impressed with the dialogue with the Jury. Minh Phu is very calm and smart when he thinks that Science will not cause negative impacts on education if we know how to optimize our strengths and manage them appropriately.

nhà đầu tư triệu usd ila

ILA students confidently shine on the big stage

With an attractive voice and a coherent presentation, Nomura Yoshio from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City has divided 1 million USD into extremely detailed small amounts to invest in many important areas such as helping the poor, using AI to protect the environment and creating clean energy, supporting health and safety. food in the poor countries of Africa, invest in education in science, and will save to earn progressive profits and use those profits to reinvest. The presentation helped Nomura Yoshio become the champion of ILA Speak Up 2020.

Yoshio with excellent performance at Speak Up 2020 

This is the result of many years of studying for candidates at ILA, an organization with 20 years of experience in teaching international standard English in Vietnam. This is a unit that applies the model of 100% native teachers and constantly updates the curriculum so that students are ready for any changes. has just introduced the Smart Education 5.0 platform, which helps students firmly build 05 intelligence indicators: Language (LQ) – Intelligence (IQ) – Emotion (EQ) – Creativity. Landscape) – Society (SQ). Children learn English by participating in group projects with diverse topics: culture, future, natural world… helping to develop 04 abilities of listening – speaking – reading – writing and other important skills of the 21st century.

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ILA applies Project based learning in the curriculum

ILA currently has 46 English centers in 12 provinces and cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Long, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Nha Trang, Binh Duong, Bien Hoa, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Kien Giang, Can Tho. Over 21 years of operation, ILA has trained international standard English for more than 1 million Vietnamese students, successfully fulfilling more than 10,000 dreams of studying abroad. ILA offers English courses for children from 3 to 16 years old, adult English, and summer English. For details contact 1900 6965.


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