Greater you everyday: Excellent English Gen Z stars

Greater you everyday: Excellent English Gen Z stars

Author: Nguyễn Huy

The world is entering a new era: the era of young people with personality, bravery and especially excellent English. The 3 Gen Z profiles below represent the talented, confident and brave young generation reaching for their dreams. What do they have in common? They all come from English language education at ILA and have the brilliant “Greater You Every Day” spirit.

Tang My Nhien received a full scholarship from Liberty, America’s top university

Vung Tau native Tang My Nhien has received a full scholarship from Liberty, one of America’s top universities.

At 17 years old, she has just become an international student in the US, and is full of plans and desires.

My Nhien is a true ILA Ambassador and has a long list of achievements: 8.5 IELTS, 1530 SAT, first prize in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province’s English exam, and third prize in Creativity Contest Robot Thailand 2018. She has also participated in Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) – Yale University’s summer scholarship program held annually for outstanding high school students around the world.

Talking about her admirable achievements, Nhien shared: “Life always gives us the opportunity to be even 1% every day, with many challenges. If we don’t want to face challenges, we can turn down opportunities and miss opportunities for personal growth”.

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My Nhien does not pass on any opportunity to be more mature. The teachers at ILA and CEO Tran Xuan Dzu have empowered Nhien with trust and respect for everyone around her. For Nhien, the world runs on connection, and being good at English is an important factor for connecting, sharing, and learning constantly.

“Besides teaching Nhien to speak English better, ILA also nurtures their students with big, life-changing dreams that exceed their parents’ expectations”, said Nguyen Thi My Tinh, Tang My Nhien’s mother.

Ho Dien Dang Khoa – A boy who is passionate about science has won scholarships from 10 American universities

Though he has received scholarships from many American universities, Ho Dien Dang Khoa started his study abroad journey with a scholarship for 4 years at Denison University.

He became interested in science and English at ILA at a very early age, thanks to the occupation of his father – an engineer in the oil and gas industry who regularly interacts with foreign experts. His journey has yielded many achievements: IELTS 8.0, SAT 1450, IOE national level English silver prize in grade 9 and grade 12, and third prize in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province’s English exam for excellent students.

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“Since 9th grade, Khoa has shared his dream of winning a scholarship to study computer science”, said Ho Dien Bao, Khoa’s father. “That dream was inspired by the lessons and teachers taught at the ILA center. The rich knowledge and enthusiasm from the teachers made the 9th grader yearn to go to new horizons to explore and learn more”.

“There is constant growth at the school. The application for admission to study abroad requires an IELTS score of 6.5, and I achieved a 7.5. My parents think that’s okay, but I am determined to retake the test and get an 8.0”, Khoa shared.
That small example demonstrates Dang Khoa’s “Greater You Every Day” spirit. The spirit of not being afraid of failure, constantly trying, and constantly learning from mistakes to be better every day.

Pham Ho Viet Khang – From a boy afraid of crowds to confidently speaking English in front of hundreds of people

‘From ordinary to excellent’ perfectly describes Viet Khang, a 12th grade boy who has just won an IELTS score of 8.0.

More than 7 years studying at ILA has helped Khang to win the third prize in the province’s Excellent English Student Contest in grade 9 and his IELTS score. “I think that if you want to be good at English, you have to be bold and outgoing. Surprisingly, Khang is quiet, afraid of the crowd, but still achieves good results”, said Khang’s mother.

Since 9th grade, Khang has nurtured the dream of winning a scholarship to study abroad and has silently strived for that goal. “I am more bold when studying at ILA; I now actively communicate and discuss problems in life with my parents. Sometimes, I also give useful advice that makes them very surprised”, said Khang.

Greater you everyday: Những ngôi sao gen Z xuất sắc tiếng Anh - 3

Khang’s journey has shown that anyone can be good at English. Khang will continue the journey of “Greater You Every Day” and will definitely have more successes in the future.

English is the tool – the key – for the young generation to open the door to a bright future. Striving to be a better version every day is the way to keep up with an ever-changing world. The stories of these three Gen Ze stars have inspired the beautiful spirit of “Greater You Every Day” – the spirit of a generation ready to change the world.

Source: Thanh niên

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