Secret from Nguyen Phuong Duy to get IELTS 8.0 at 16 years old

nguyễn phương duy

Author: Hồ Vy

“Choose the right learning approach to develop ‘Perfect English.’”

To Nguyen Phuong Duy, one of the few young people who have achieved the IELTS band score of 8.0 when he was in the 10th grade, English is just a “little thing”. Duy’s friends admire him not only because of his notorious English abilities, but also his confidence in any situation involving English, such as communicating with foreigners and making presentations. Learning at ILA since the first grade is one of the reasons for his great achievement. Duy shared that he was lucky to find the right method for himself: A combination of learning knowledge in school and learning skills through interaction at ILA.

Duy said, “Compared to courses at other English Language Centers, ILA’s learning methods are rich, diverse, and focus on communication skills rather than purely academic knowledge. In addition, the curriculum is not as restrictive as typical English language programs. Not only do they learn the language, but students learn social skills, as well as English expressions and how to use them.”

According to Duy, another difference at ILA is that interaction with foreign teachers happens at every level, leading to effective studying. With maximized learning time, students have more time interacting and speaking with foreign teachers. This can help students memorize their lessons right in class without spending time reviewing at home. In particular, ILA’s biggest difference compared to other centers is the connection between teachers and students. Teachers are enthusiastic, care for students, can remember students’ names and characteristics as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Although Duy ended his course, for a long time after teachers would still remember him and call him by name. Duy said ILA is like his “second home, because the environment is very fun and pleasant, combining both communication skills and extra-curricular activities. Besides, the facilities are of high quality, with SMART boards, projectors, a library, and private desks. This helps students feel extremely comfortable, like they’re home. Consequently, going to ILA is not like ‘going to school’ at all!”

Duy’s classmates share the same opinion, and most of them are outstanding students in English at their high schools, who are also confident using English in their everyday lives. Some of his friends study abroad, full of confidence, as they can overcome any language barrier. “All of us think that the most important thing is not how much time, or how frequently you study, but if you’ve chosen the right method, the right course, to get ‘Perfect English.’”

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