Account Manager’s English learning story – Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung

nguyễn quốc hùng account manager

Author: Hồ Vy

“Working will be more professional with good English.”

Working in the advertising field requires a lot of communication with foreign companies. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung, an Account Manager at a big advertising agency in HCMC, always wants to improve his English. However, Hung realized that his learning approach wasn’t professional, so he couldn’t achieve the pace he wanted.

After changing English centres several times, Hung finally found a centre that he likes. Thanks to learning with the right approach, his English has improved dramatically. After only one 3-month course, his English became so much better. Listening and speaking well, as well as good pronunciation, makes others understand him better, so he can make plans in English more easily and professionally.

Hung shares that his choice this time, ILA, has helped him to achieve good results. The key reason why Hung chose ILA is that after asking for references from many others, he thought the courses here had the clear goal of improving communication skills and applying them to work and daily life, which is what he was looking for.

Learning at ILA, what makes him even more content is that the curriculum is really practical and applicable to professionals, which helps him a lot at work. In class, he learns how to write proper emails, make plans in English, and communicate with foreigners, which are all very useful for his daily life.

Besides the practical course content, what makes Hung excited about studying at ILA is the strong connection with the teachers. The teachers are fully certified, inspiring, and encouraging. They are also highly dedicated, fix pronunciation little by little, and remind the students to do homework, which helps them to improve quickly. Although each student has a different learning purpose (like work, travel, or leisure), the teachers always help them to achieve their goals. Especially with professionals like him, whose work days are normally stressful, learning hours at ILA are relaxing, with a lot of activities in class like games, group study, and coffee talk, which makes learning a lot easier.

Hung said that he is totally happy he chose the right English center to bring him not only the English skills he needs but also other work skills beyond expectation such as problem solving, new experiences, new connections with friends and teachers, increased self-confidence, and enjoyment… In short, everything that’s necessary for a successful career.

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