Sharing the story from Nguyen Trac Nhat Linh’s parents

phụ huynh của bé nguyễn trắc nhật linh

Author: Hồ Vy

“Surprised and proud to see my child communicating in English at the Australian Airport in a very confident and easy way…”

“When she was 3 years old, Nhat Linh already showed her language potential with strong listening skills. She liked to listen to English music and watch English cartoons.”

“Thanks to the reference from colleagues and friends, we choose ILA for a trial course. Right after the first lesson, she expressed her interest with the friendly learning environment at ILA.” According to her father, Nguyen Trac Ba, and mother, To Thanh Thuy, ILA lessons have improved her communication skills through studied vocabulary and knowledge in an easy and relaxing way.

“The situation that impressed and excited me the most with her English ability happened just recently. Last summer, we took a trip to Australia. Just as we got to arrivals, carrying our luggage, we noticed a passenger was looking for help. Immediately, Nhat Linh went to ask him about the problem and ran around to look for support from the airport staff. I admit that I was very impressed with her skill when she communicated in English with an Australian staff member in such natural and effective way.”

“In addition, when we stayed in Australia for a month afterwards, Nhat Linh had more chances to use her English accumulated over her 4 years studying at ILA.  She had great experiences with localswhen visiting the amusement park and watching a beautiful performance in the Sydney Opera House. During that time, she looked so happy and confident,” Mother Thanh Thuy shared about her daughter, beaming with pride.

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