Sharing from parents of Nguyen Dinh Minh Viet (6 years old)

parents of nguyen dinh minh viet

Author: Nguyễn Huy

“The play and learn approach that ILA is using for teaching young learners is really effective”

Minh Viet has a shy personality and finds it hard to express himself. But since we let him study at a demo class at ILA, he seemed to be attracted by this environment from the start. So he has been studying here for nearly one year and a half – said Minh Viet’ father.

It is not random that we decided to let him studied at ILA, also not simply by friends’ recommendation, we see real proof from Minh Viet’ aunt. Minh Viet’ aunt studied at ILA from quite young age. After 8 years studying at ILA, her English is extremely good, she is always on top of her school (Le Quy Đon high school).  Although now she doesn’t have enough time to pursue studying at ILA, her English is still fine. That is why my family supports to let kids learn English as soon as possible.

The problem is, the environment needs to be really fit for the age of the learners. For example, if the learners are very young and they have already started learning English, the environment needs to be fun, relaxing, comfortable, using games and interacting with teachers and friends The child will then love to learn, and turn the knowledge they learn in class into practical use in daily life naturally. We can see that the child’s advantage in learning English is imitating. Therefore, if we let the kids approach English with the right setting from the beginning, their reflex will be extremely natural and the learning journey will be very effective!  – this is the view of Minh Viet’ father.

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