Confessions of Ms. Vu Nguyet Anh, Duong Vu Quynh Chi’s mother

phụ huynh của dương vũ quỳnh chi

Author: Hồ Vy

“The first teacher plays an important role!”

That is an opinion of Ms. Vu Nguyet Anh – a graduate of the Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy, English Major. She is the mother of Quynh Chi, and currently works in an international company. With the calm and soft voice of a Hue person, she explained, “Teaching English for children is commonly misperceived as easy. Because a child‘s brain is like a blank page, if you write something wrong, it will become a mark which is difficult to fix. Even if you try to, it can be ineffective because of this initial, erroneous “mark”. This is the reason why parents put so much effort into finding a good English center with foreigners who have certified pedagogical qualifications. Teachers being native speakers is of the utmost importance because our children must be exposed to correct English right from the beginning.”

She also added, “With the important role of English nowadays, equipping my child with English as a second language is not only a trend but a rising demand, enabling our children to integrate into the global world. When they learn another language, they have the opportunity to experience a new culture through movies and books. They also become more confident when exploring new things through travel and trips with their teachers, friends, and family.”

“Quynh Chi likes reading English books so her vocabulary is very rich. From the viewpoint of a graduate that majored in English, the most notable characteristic of the English learning method is that students must engage in the “listen from native – speak as native” environment to succeed, and I rely on ILA teachers for this responsibility.”

“To enrich her vocabulary, besides learning at ILA, parental guidance is also essential. My family puts no pressure on her, but encourages her to combine learning and playing in her daily life. Sometimes, I motivate her to share her work with us in her own words in English, instead of Vietnamese,” Quynh Chi’s mother shared ‘tips’ to develop her child’s English skill.

She concluded, “I think it can’t be denied that thanks to ILA, Quynh Chi has developed a true English accent to communicate with, and has therefore become more confident in life.”

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