The story of learning English at ILA by Nguyen Loi Thanh Chi

phụ huynh bé nguyễn lợi thanh chi

Author: Hồ Vy

“A friendly school environment encourages my child to love English!”

“Thanh Chi began studying at ILA at the age of 5. At that time, we did not demand too much of her, we just had one goal in mind: ‘To try to, within our financial capacity, give our kid the best environment to raise her awareness of studying in general, together with getting to know English in particular’. Then, we decided to choose ILA for her English development,” father, Vinh Loi, and mother, Dinh Thanh, started the conversation.

“Thanks to the friendly environment at ILA, and placement at the appropriate level, Thanh Chi has shown interest since the very beginning. Her excitement, along with the appealing teaching method and good teachers and friends, have had a good impact on her,” Thanh Chi’s mom added.

“We think of studying as a long-term path, especially with English. Thus, a relaxing school environment with exciting techniques will drive effectiveness. During this time, just like a small rain lays great dust, she will accumulate knowledge and vocabulary through interaction in class, which in turn improves her communication skills.”

“Seeing the effectiveness of teaching methods at ILA on vocabulary and communication development for children, we try to apply this method in at-home study with her. Her mother works at a global company, and we let her participate in their Family Day event. When taking part in such events, she has the chance to experience and apply her knowledge in reality. After challenges like these, Thanh Chi has become a more confident communicator.”

Talking about the impact of learning English at ILA on her performance at high school, Thanh Chi shared with a cheerful smile, “All the things I have learned at ILA have supported me a lot in Tran Dai Nghia high school. This is proven by the entrance exam, I got 9 points in English.”

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