The story of learning English at ILA by Bui Thuy Vy

phụ huynh của bùi thúy vy

Author: Hồ Vy

“She started with Japanese, but when it comes to English, she is really great, too!”

Thuy Vy learns English to meet her parents’ expectations. “Because English has become so common, we want her to share our passion for languages, not only for Japanese, but English as well. Compared to other students at Le Quy Don high school, Thuy Vy’s English levels rank at the top of the class,” shared her parents, Thanh Tan and Thanh Thuy.

“Based on references from friends and the newspaper, we decided to choose ILA for her English development. It has been 2 years since Thuy Vy started learning at ILA. In the beginning, she learned just to please us. But gradually, because the lessons are so enjoyable, English has become her interest.”

“Learning a new language well is like opening new door to explore another culture, make new friends, and enrich our knowledge as well as life skills. These mentioned benefits help her to improve significantly in language and communication skill. Years ago, Thuy Vy loved English songs just because of their rhythm, but with her current English skill, she can deeply understand the lyrics of the songs she used to love. She feels delighted to be able to enjoy them that much more.”

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