Confessions of the parents of Vu Khanh Linh when studying at ILA

phụ huynh của bé vũ khánh linh

Author: Hồ Vy

We are concerned with the right age to let our kid start learning English!

Learning from books, news, and online information (both Vietnamese and English content), my family understands that there are many benefits when letting the child learn a foreign language at young age. However, the concern is at which age in particular is the right age, we are still unsure – parents of Khánh Linh shared.

For Khánh Linh, when she was 4 years old, we sent her to learn at ILA. The friendly environment, interactive teaching approach via games “attract” her, makes her really excited. From a natural love for learning, she also absorbed English in a natural way. The most important thing is, she wants to explore, to play and learn… so now she has a rich vocabulary, as well as the confidence in communicating in English! – Our family believes that learning English effectively is improving the ability to use English confidently and naturally in front of foreigners.

Nevertheless, Khánh Linh’ parents also share that to develop strong English, apart from a good learning environment that kids can communicate with native English speakers, and the use of technology plus modern facilities… the collaboration between family and school is a must to maximize a kid’s language potential.”

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