The story of Nguyen Bao Anh – ILA Smart Teens class

phụ huynh của bé nguyễn bảo anh

Author: Hồ Vy

“Let’s boost your child’s English development with his passion.”

Nguyen Bao Anh got an almost perfect KET score, and 8.75 points in English on the Tran Dai Nghia entrance exam, which is obtained by very few students. Bao Anh’s parents shared the ‘formula’: “A standardized, friendly, and appropriate school environment + a studious personality + an awakened passion = Good studying results.”

“Bao Anh is a proactive kid. He liked watching English cartoons when he was little. When he got a little older, he liked games instead, but still English ones. He had to complete tasks written in English to succeed at these games. Knowing this hobby, we encouraged him to learn English so that he could understand the missions, and he later beat the game! However, there does of course need to be a time limit on letting him play games.”

“Persuading Bao Anh to learn English for this reason is a façade to motivate him to learn faster than his friends. He knew English since he was 4 years old, studying at ILA. At this time, he didn’t know about games, but had an interest to learn at ILA. Even when he was sick, after getting treatment, he would remind us to take him to ILA so that he wouldn’t miss the lesson. Thus, a friendly, exciting, and appropriate school environment (along with a studious or gifted personality), will play important role in studying effectiveness,” Bao Anh’s parents both agreed.

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