Confessions of the parents of Bui Manh Hoang while studying at ILA

phụ huynh của bé bùi mạnh hoàng

Author: Hồ Vy

“With the right approach, native-like English becomes attainable.”

“As a rule, if teachers are native speakers using fun activities to create a lively and specific interaction with students in a standardized English environment, such circumstances will affect learners in a positive way, especially children. This method helps children develop proper linguistic reflexes in both thinking and speaking like native speakers,” Manh Hoang’s mother shared her opinion on choosing the best school for her son’s English development.

To prove her point, Miss Ha provided an example, “This is clearly indicated through his daily activities. He really loves singing English songs and usually watches English TV shows. He sings his favourite song all day long, even in the bath, and set it as his alarm ringtone!”

“Moreover, he is very confident with his English ability. Sometimes, my company organizes summer tours overseas for Vietnamese customers, and he acts as an interpreter while they go shopping and do customs procedures in the airport. The first time his father saw this, he was very surprised and gained admiration for his little eldest son.”

“Back to my initial point, a fundamental truth has become evident: A native-speaking English environment in combination with stress-free and interaction-focused teaching methods have turned his mere curiosity into a conscious effort to learn English, and the whole process occurs in a very natural way. He learns effectively, with no tension. We share this with sincere pride.”

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