Sharing the story from Vuong Khang and Gia Vuong’ parents

Phụ huynh hai Bé Nguyễn Phạm Vương Khang và Nguyễn Phạm Gia Vương

Author: Hồ Vy

“Had they been exposed to foreign language sooner, their ability to absorb language would be better!”

That is what we’ve been experienced from our children Vương Khang and Gia Vương – the parents share. For Vương Khang, he started learning from 4 years old, up to this moment he has been learning English at ILA for 2 years. His younger brother Gia Vương was less than 3 years old when he started learning at ILA after several times coming to ILA with Vuong Khang, Gia Vuong seems to really enjoy the environment here ILA.

The mother added: I am truly satisfied with the academic environment as well as the teaching approach at ILA, especially that it has 100% certified native teachers, the kids will learn a lot from “listening” to the native accent. From listening to the native accent, they will imitate the native accent. And therefore express themselves well I can hear that the pronunciation of both of my kids are highly accurate, even the ending S sound.

At their age, learning, like learning English, needs to be more like play and learn, this means by playing games, interacting with teachers and friends, it will help them to naturally absorb the English skills. Therefore, all of the events ILA organizes are also the occasions for the kids to practice English and enrich their vocabulary. In my opinion, those are the opportunities for the kids to “experience” and use what they learn in class, at the same time enhance their sof tskills… – said the mother of Vương Khang and Gia Vương.

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