Sharing of parents of Quynh Tram when studying at ILA

phụ huynh của bé trương nguyễn quỳnh trâm

Author: Hồ Vy

“Stimulate your child’s exploratory instincts, and “absorbing” English will become both relaxing and effective!”

“English is now becoming an international language. With Quynh Tram‘s study-abroad plan after graduating from high school, investing in English knowledge and communication skills is considered the top priority for my family,” Quỳnh Trâm’s father, Dr. Uy Linh of 2nd Children’s Hospital, and mother, Ms. Thanh Trang, started the discussion.

Ms. Thanh Trang continued, “Quynh Tram first engaged in English language studies when she was 4 years old. At that time, we chose another English center. After a few trial courses, she did not have much interest in learning English. Then, after getting many positive reviews from friends, we decided to move her to ILA. Our satisfaction with ILA has proved that  it has been the right choice so far.”

“If we needed to state the criteria that had the most positive effect on Quynh Tram’s English abilities, or teenagers’ in general, it would be: a fulfilling and standardized English environment that also exhibits comfort and friendliness. At ILA, we see this criteria is clearly achieved,” Quynh Tram’s mother concluded with the agreement of her husband, Dr. Uy Linh.

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